New Feature: Reduce time spent hunting through your notes with the Review Sidebar

Kendall Foster
January 24, 2022
Introducing the Review Sidebar feature for the Sapeum note-taking and research platform. Save huge chunks of time spent scrolling and hunting for follow-ups and insights throughout your notes.

Here’s a challenge.  Can you quantify how much time you spend scrolling through your meeting notes, research or other documents in an effort to find the salient points? Let’s do the math. During any given week where you have several client and internal meetings, how much time do you spend searching for action items or insights? If it’s at least 1-2 hours a day, 5 hours a week, 20 hours a month—you get the idea—that is a pretty big loss of your productivity. Consider if there was a solution to help you gain back that time—wouldn't that opportunity to be more efficient be worth investigating?

With today's launch of the Review Sidebar, Sapeum cements its place as the best tool to pull contextual follow-ups and powerful insights from your notes and documents. While taking notes in real-time, the Review Sidebar shows you follow-ups or highlights from previous docs and notes, optionally filtered by the document tags of your current note.

Taking notes during your 1-on-1 with Joshua? The Review Sidebar shows you all your todos from past meetings with them, and eliminates the need to hunt through your folders for the last conversation you had. Mark follow-ups as "done" with a simple click, like below:

Running customer or expert research? The Review Sidebar is the perfect solution for showing you the key insights such as interview responses and themes. For conducting and sharing more in-depth research, such as graphical and tabular analyses, expand the sidebar into the full Review page to get a head-start on more wide-reaching themes and insights.

Try Sapeum for free today and unlock the value of your notes and research. And don't forget to let us know how much time Sapeum has saved you! We'll share the most poignant stories in our newsletters.

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