How to Use Sapeum for Customer Interviews and Insights

Sapeum Team
February 2, 2022
Need to shorten your prep and review time for customer interviews? Explore how our customer insights tool easily gathers key product insights in this use case.

Conducting customer interviews as a product manager is hard. Uncovering key insights is even harder. Yet these interviews and insights are crucial to building a great product that customers love.

Sapeum is built for product teams that need to do research themselves. It’s built with ease-of-use in mind, so you can gather customer feedback with ease—and quickly uncover insights for you to act on. Our goal is to shorten the time it takes for you to prepare for interviews, gather interview data, and make your data actionable, so that you can focus on doing what you do best: Building amazing products.

Let us show you how easy it is to conduct interviews!

Your Customer Interview Review Process is Now Lightning Fast

Sapeum helps you through the entire research lifecycle: from collecting notes during customer interviews, to analyzing those notes for insights, to prioritizing features in your product planning process.

Prepare with Scripts (aka Templates)

Sapeum makes preparing for interviews a cinch, by allowing you to build and save reusable templates. Make each interview question into a heading, and if you want, add some lightweight instructions for the interviewer directly into the template.

You can use headings in any way. For instance, your section titles can be H1 and your interview questions can be H2.

Quickly Create a New Interview from a Template

Once your template is ready, you can create a new interview note directly from it—or from your documents list. Just click the small arrow next to "New" and follow the steps, like below:

Collect Notes During the Interviews

Sapeum's refreshingly clean and responsive editor is designed to allow you to take notes quickly in meetings, ensuring you and your team never miss a beat during an interview.

Both formatting and tags can be saved to quick keyboard shortcuts, so you can keep things organized on the fly. This is designed for all types of in-person research, including:

  • Customer interviews
  • Market interviews
  • Focus groups

Sapeum also allows you to take notes on a different platform, if you prefer. Afterward, you can bring your notes into Sapeum, for instance through our effortless Zapier integration.

Go One Step Further with Tagging

You can highlights and team hashtags inside the document to organize your interview notes. This lets you get even more insights out during analysis.

Unsure where to start with your tags? Here’s a list of popular tags that we see product managers use:

  • Key customer pain points
  • Top customer feature requests
  • Key topics within product feedback, broken out by feature
  • Usability issues
  • And more!

Analyze Your Notes With Ease

One of the biggest challenges for product professionals is unearthing key insights from large amounts of customer data. With your notes now in Sapeum, you can head to the Review page to see a tabular summary of your text and to start gathering insights.

Sapeum automatically recognizes responses under each question—and lets you view responses like a spreadsheet or a table. Interview questions are scripted as headers in Sapeum—search for anything in the responses underneath them, or use Sapeum's Natural Language Processing to extract topics, companies, sentiment, and more.

No one likes using Excel for interview questions, but there are limited options. Sapeum replaces the need for spreadsheets; we have all the efficiency of a spreadsheet without the hassle.

Here is how you would review items tagged as #idea and #pain from customers:

To use Sapeum's built in Natural Language Processing to auto-detect key topics, filter down to the #positive tag only, and split insights by segment:

The possibilities are endless—you can uncover insights and themes from deep within interviews, both new and old, and compare customer opinions over years, not days.

Product planning

All of your research and insights only add value if they result in a clear direction for your product development. Sapeum is designed to integrate with your current and upcoming features, and easily add to your product backlog, so that you can cleanly and defensibly choose what features to work on, driven by customer feedback from your interviews and notes, and ultimately by customer needs.

Streamline the Path to Better Products with Sapeum

Sapeum ensures that you are able to simplify customer interviews and quickly identify the most important insights from them. Sapeum is built for the entire product development lifecycle, so that you can gain customer insights — and more importantly, act on them — easier than ever.

Not already using Sapeum? Get started for free today, and begin unlocking customer insights today.

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